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Clay Evans continues to the State Reading Fair

Sophomores Clay Evans and Mykayla Key competed in the Regional Reading Fair on Friday, March 7. Mykayla's fiction reading fair board placed third; however, Clay's non-fiction reading fair project took home first place. Clay will compete in the state reading fair for the second time on Tuesday, April 15.

Researching @ the Library: World Book Online

The World Book Web is a suite of online research tools that includes encyclopedia articles, primary source collections, educator tools, student activities, pictures, audio, and video, complemented by current periodicals and related Web sites.

  • World Book has timeline creator and citation builders
  • Lesson Plans for 7th through 12th grade
  • World Newspapers
  • Primary Sources and E-books

Technology @ the Library: Multimedia Assessments

Tools for Making Dynamic Audio- and Video-based Tests

Video, audio, and images can spark students' imaginations in ways that text alone sometimes can't. - Richard Byrne

Metta - digital presentation tool that enables teachers to combine videos and pictures in one presentation. After the presentation is assembled, teachers can insert multiple-choice quiz questions to gauge test taker's understanding.

EduCanon - free service for creating, assigning, and tracking students' progress on flipped lessons built from YouTube. Key feature: the option to track students' progress as they work through the assignment.

Read the Tools for Making Dynamic Audio- and Video-Based Test to find out more about using Web Tools such as Google Forms to create multimedia tests. If you need any help setting up an account to create these SAMR quality tests, please let me know.

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