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A Message from Pastor Stanton

In the United States, Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May. Its modern form came into being in the early twentieth century. Anna Jarvis, of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia, proposed that an annual service of worship honoring mothers be held every year. “One’s mother,” Jarvis said, “is the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world.” A major theme of early Mother’s Day celebrations was the promotion of peace, as “too many mothers were losing husbands and sons in war.”

We honor and celebrate the place of our mothers in our lives. More often than not, it is in our mother’s lap that we first hear about God and His Son Jesus Christ. A mother’s love reflects the love of God. Unconditional, gracious, self-sacrificing love. I recall my own mother who often went without that her family might have what they need. I know you can relate. But there is a greater unconditional, gracious, and self-sacrificing love: the love of our Lord Jesus, who gave Himself up for us that we might be forgiven and have eternal life.

Like mothers everywhere, our God has done more for us than anyone in the world. Praise Him. Thank Him. Worship Him.

And take time to thank mom for all she does. Send a card, or better yet, a note expressing your gratitude. She will treasure it for the rest of her life. If she is with the Lord, as is my mother, thank God for mom’s place in your life. She is a gift to honor and treasure. To moms everywhere, may God richly bless you for what you do for us!


Pastor Stanton

Call Committee Update

After conferring with the district office, and under advisement of our circuit visitor, Pastor Skovgaard, we are at the point to start accepting names of Pastors from the congregation for consideration from the district to be on our slate of candidates.

Attached is the official nomination form that needs to be submitted AND signed to be considered valid to move forward to the district office. All nominations must be turned into the church office or put in Bob Kunz's mailbox on, or before, May 15th, 2022. Any nominations after will not be forwarded to the district office. Once this submission is made, the district will return the slate of candidates and the committee will meet again to deliberate.

Please feel free to contact any committee member directly with any questions or concerns. As we did with the first two calls, the committee strongly feels to remain transparent with all our actions.

May Calendar

Serving Us in Worship

May Birthdays and Anniversaries

We remember and honor our fallen military members.

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Congregational Meeting

Join us on May 15th after the late service for our spring Voters' Assembly. On the agenda will be elections to the Church Council and a financial update on the state of the church.

These are the office positions to be voted on, with those who have offered their candidacy:

Chairman of the Congregation: No one has stepped up to lead

Vice Chairman: Don Kazel

Treasurer: No one has stepped up to lead

Trustees: Matt Birr

Evangelism: No one has stepped up to lead

Board of Education: to be determined by the Board of Education

As you can see, we have a few holes to fill. If you are interested in more information on one of the open positions, or if you would like to serve, please contact current Chairman, Bob Kunz.

Preschool News

“I am the resurrection and the life.” John 11:25a

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it! I recently listened to a sermon and this line caught my attention, “Our salvation does not hinge on what we do, so why do we do the things that we do? Because we can, we get to, we are enabled to! Is it easy? NO! It is hard, but it has eternal consequences, eternal results and unless we do our part many individuals may never come to know that.”

Looking at the events that took place after Jesus’ death and resurrection we see that even His own disciples abandoned Him and doubted that He would rise from the dead. It is a good thing that we do not have to do a thing for us to gain eternal life because I am sure we would be much like the disciples and doubt. Eternal life and forgiveness of sins was won for us by the One that sends us! “Just as the Father has sent Me, I am sending you!” (John 20:21) We do not go this alone nor does what we do make a difference for us in the end, BUT what we do makes a difference in the lives around us. God enables us to spread the Easter news - the saving Gospel: Jesus died to forgive us and rose to give us eternal life in heaven. Jesus has come to bring peace and has won for us salvation!

Just as our Confirmands reaffirm their baptismal vows this month as they celebrate the Rite of Confirmation, we too see that the Holy Spirit is with us. We were given this Guide, Comforter, and Friend through the waters of Holy Baptism and the Word. We are fully backed with a 100% guarantee that our work is not in vain, nor will it return to us empty. God is the orchestrator and with Him as the lead we cannot go wrong. So, when life has us down, doubts enter our mind, we want to give up, lose hope, and the list goes on, we must remember that we have a loving Savior and Father that has already won for us eternal life and forgiveness of sins. Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the Life and that will never change! As the above-mentioned sermon came to a close this caught my attention, “when we drink from the cup, it is sweet, because the bitter cup has already been consumed by Jesus, the One who came to save us.” Brothers and sisters in Christ, we have a clean slate, we have salvation because Jesus paid the price and rose from the dead. Let us then with gusto take that news to the world! To God be the glory!

In His Service,

Jennifer Leinss

Now Hiring

Childcare continues to look for fun, energetic, team players! If you or anyone you know is looking for an early childhood position, please pass this information along! We have all hours available and wage is based on experience. Early childhood courses and experience is preferred, but not necessary. For more information contact Director Jennifer Leinss at

Sunday School

The month of May holds for us the following stories:

May 1 - Pentecost

May 8 - Mother's Day/Timothy

May 15 - Paul and Silas


Sunday school families will also work on the hymn "Christ Be My Leader". It is number 316 in One and All Rejoice.


We have one last month for the Penny Challenge! All monies brought in will be providing clean water to students and teachers across the world with Lutheran World Relief. Pennies and dollar bills are all positive points, and nickels, dimes, and quarters are negative points. You may participate by dropping your donations in the bottles on the purple wall in the hallway. We look forward to a friendly competition, all for a good cause! Totals will be shared on Promotion which is Sunday, May 22.

Spotlight On...The Stewardship Board

Over the next several months, we're going to take the opportunity to put a spotlight on our different Boards and Committees, and the work they are doing. Our different groups are always looking to add new faces and fresh ideas, so if you see a group that interests you, please let us know!

This month, we introduce you to the Stewardship Board! Led by Laurie Cataldo, the Stewardship Board is focused on helping our members to use their time, talents, and treasures in serving our Lord. Many of you have filled out a form, indicating your hobbies, special talents, and interests. The Stewardship Board then takes this information, adds it to our membership database, and can use that information when special tasks need to be accomplished around the church.

Additionally, the Board hosts a semiannual luncheon to welcome all our new members to the church. At this potluck (with fried chicken!), the new members are introduced to the staff, leadership, and Elders of the congregation, as well as given a brief introduction to what each board and committee does.

From welcoming new members to the Blessed Savior family, to helping pair our members with ways they can use their gifts in the church, the Stewardship Board loves to help you serve! If you have a heart for helping others find their gifts and ways to serve, we encourage to reach out to Laurie!

Quarterly Missions

For our second quarter missions, our Special Mission offering will support LC-MS Disaster Response Ministry. This response ministry responds to immediate and long-term needs following natural and man-made disasters. The ministry reaches out to LCMS congregations and their communities with services that include on-site assessment, emergency relief and development grants, pastoral care for LCMS church workers and members, and other resources.

CPH Reads

Concordia Publishing House is bringing back their summer reading program! From May 31-August 12 readers of all ages can log the books they read and earn points to win prizes. CPH books can earn you 100 points and books by other publishers will earn 50 points. Visit for more information and to register. Happy reading!

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