All About Ukuleles :)

The Looks Matter

Ukuleles come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Most commonly seen types are the soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone ukus. They are usually made from wood and smell like cedar. It is made out of the body, neck, head and pegs. Also included with frets, a bridge, and soundhole. If you know how to play, you can make beautiful sounds and music from them. Mine is the usual concert ukulele and a dark shade of red. Choose any color, shape or size you like. Looks matter for your ukulele.


There are many types of the ukulele such as: (common) Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone, (less common) Sopranino, Piccolo, Bambino, and the Bass ukulele.

Some ukeleles

Ukulele v.s. Guitar

All though a ukulele and a guitar may seem alike, they are very different. Guitars have six strings and pegs, while ukuleles only have four. Ukuleles have a range from 10-18 frets, as on the other hand, guitars must have 24 frets. Guitars and ukuleles may have the same body sometimes, too. Even though guitars have six strings, the last four are set on G, C, E, and A, the same as a ukulele's four strings, only on a different octave. Ukuleles and guitars are pretty close to twins, but not quite there.
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How It's Made

First, a ukulele head and neck will be shaped in the wanted type of ukulele. Then, after it is carved, it will be sanded. Next the body will be carved and sanded. After this, the neck and body will be glued together. Then the bridge, frets, and nut will be attached to the ukulele. Next the strings and pegs are attached, too. Finally, you are ready to strum away.
How to Make an Ukulele in 5 minutes

Not-So-Good-Chords Too Often?

If you find yourself having to tune you uk too often (if you play every day) because you are always having to retune your strings, you might want to considering getting new strings. Wait two weeks for the strings to adjust to your ukulele. If you still are finding yourself having to retune constantly, you might want to replace your pegs. These are some ways to solve you problem.
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