Chasing Lincoln's Killer

By: James L. Swanson

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln

The assassination of president Abraham lincoln was one of the most tragic events in American history. The effect was People all around the U.S. were heartbroken. It all started on April 14, 1865. Abraham Lincoln attended the silly comedy American Cousin at the theater that night. But what the president didn't know was a man named John Wilkes Booth would also attend. This man was upset by lincoln's teachings and his fight for rights. So that night Mr. Booth came up behind Lincoln and shot him in the head. Booth escaped and ran away for months un till he was found in a barn in the south. When booth refused to come out willingly so the calvery burned down the barn and killed booth in the flames and smoke of burning wood. Booth's body was brought back to his family were they buried him in the back yard. But they did not give him a grave stone upon were he layed dead. Back in washington the people were still very sad by the loss of their president. Expecially Lincoln's wife who not only lost a president but lost a husband.
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The Assassin

John Wilkes Booth the assassin who killed Abraham Lincoln.