The History of Rasputin

By: Logan Penney

Who Was Rasputin?

Rasputin was born with the name Grigori Yefimovich Novykh and raised in Pokrovskoye, Siberia to a peasant family. With his limited education he devoted himself to debauchery earning the name Rasputin (debouched one {search it up on your own time} ). He is also the guy who died three times.

What Did He Do?

At the age of 19 he married and had four children, in a matter of weeks he decided to leave his wife and started travelling. While travelling (variously to Greece and Jerusalem) Rasputin established the reputation of being a holy man. In 1903 he wound up in St. Petersburg and met the Bishop of Saratov, Hermogen.

Fortunately the Romanov court was dabbling in mysticism and was recommended by Hermogen in 1905. Shortly thereafter Rasputin was summoned to cure the Tsar Nicholas's son's hemophilia. After succeeding where most had failed Rasputin's reputation was sealed by the great amounts of gratitude from the Tsar and (especially) the Tsarina.

While in the presence of the Tsar, and/or the Tsarina, Rasputin was careful to keep the pretense of being a humble, mystically talented peasant, and, afterwards, lost no time indulging.

Eventually the Tsar was informed, in detail, of Rasputin's 'misconduct' and dismissed the "mad monk" from the court. However, Rasputin's influence on Alexandra ensured him getting recalled. Thereafter the Tsar and Tsarina both refused to believe in any further reports of Rasputin's misbehavior.

Since news of Alexis's health was not to be made public, and not knowing Rasputin’s role as chief healer, the public thought he was trying to seduce Alexandra. Lascivious details of Rasputin’s general misconduct combined and, if at all possible, exaggerated by his many ill-wishers became the main talk of public scandal.

Rasputin maintained his influence into wartime and his opinion was needed, by Alexandra, on many issues (mostly political). Occasionally he offered unneeded and unwanted advice on military strategies. However the Tsar decided to take command of his army, relieving his uncle. This directly associated the Tsar with his army and its poor run. While the Tsar was away Rasputin (kind of) took his place. This made a lot of nobles angry. So, they (Felix Yusupov) decided to eliminate the problem, by inviting Rasputin for a drink.

Rasputin went to Yusupov's home on December 29 1916, and was given poisoned wine and cakes. Surprisingly Rasputin was immune and Yusupov shot Rasputin in the heart. Rasputin quickly recovered and ran towards the gate, got shot in the head, then stuffed in a rug dropped in the Neva river and escaped and finally drowned.