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October 15, 2018

Principal's Corner: What Makes You Curious?

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.”

Stephen Hawking, Physicist & Author

I read a review of a new book called Out of Curiosity by Bryan Goodwin in the Marshall Memo, a weekly round-up of educational ideas and research. The review quotes Goodwin, “We cannot make students become curious, rather, we must lead them to it by creating environments and opportunities for curiosity to flourish.”

The review goes on to summarize several classroom conditions and “curiosity principles” that Goodwin argues schools should consider. I am sharing some of these here that could be particularly relevant for families to consider at home:

  • Embrace not knowing. “Curiosity involves an element of risk taking,” Goodwin says. In order to feel comfortable taking risks, we need to admit when we don’t know something. Parents can model for children by explicitly stating, “I don’t know the answer to that, but let’s find out.”
  • Provide manageable knowledge gaps, by using unfinished sentences, cliffhangers, riddles and puzzles to spark curiosity.
  • Ask fewer, deeper questions. Instead of asking the dreaded “What did you learn in school today?” (often answered with a shrug), try asking, “What surprised you today? When did you feel joyful today? What are you wondering about now?”
  • Let students follow their curiosity. Goodwin notes, “Curiosity is more likely to flourish when kids are free to pursue their own interests alongside supportive adults who offer well-timed nudges to guide their explorations and keep their curiosity alive.”
  • Go play outdoors. One way to beat boredom and video games is to get kids outdoors for fresh air and unstructured play.

What are you wondering about?

Rick Rogers

Interim Principal

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Dismissal Procedures: Your Patience & Cooperation Needed!

As anyone who picks up their child at dismissal time can attest, our dismissal time traffic flow is an issue. Thursdays are particularly challenging. Throw in some rain and it’s even worse.

Please remember to abide by these procedures:

  1. Safety First: Drive slowly. Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. No U-Turns.

  2. Do not line up before 3:00 (12:00 on Thursdays). This creates an unfair back-up before dismissal event begins at 3:15 (12:15 on Thursdays. And when in line, remember no idling.

  3. Do NOT queue up on Grove St. It creates an unsafe traffic situation. If the driveway lane is full, you are asked to drive around the block and come back a few minutes later. Or you could park on Royal Circle or Eldred Road and walk to pick up your children.

  4. Only park in the parking lot if you have an appointment or have received special permission from the school (e.g. for medical reasons). This should be the exception, not the rule. It disrupts bus lines walking out to buses. And parking is limited.

  5. What if I am directed into the driving lane by the crossing guard? This happens when you turn into the driveway and the pick-up lane is full. You can’t turn around. Please make every effort NOT to turn into the driveway until you have visual confirmation that there is space for you in the lane. If you turn into the driveway and the pick-up lane is full, you will be forced to drive up the middle bus lane and park in the parking lots.

  6. When dropping off or picking up, students are only permitted to enter/exit from the passenger side of the car. Parents should remain in their cars; staff will assist students with entering/exiting cars if necessary.

None of us likes to sit in traffic. Unfortunately, at peak dismissal time, you should expect delays. We ask for your patience and courteous participation. Our most important goal is to get everyone home safely.

For more information, please see Arrival & Dismissal Procedures on our website.

Important Reminder on Dismissal Plans

Advance notice is required for a change in a student’s dismissal plan. For permanent changes to a student’s Monday-Friday Dismissal Schedule, you must send a written note or email the classroom teacher. This must be done at least 24 hours in advance. Changes sent via email “the day of” may not be seen and cannot be guaranteed to be received. Permission to dismiss a child to a different parent or adult must also be sent to the classroom teacher by note or email.

One time changes in Dismissal must go through the main office. Call the the Estabrook Main Office at 781-861-2520 with your one time change in dismissal and the office will inform the classroom teacher of the change for the day.

Raising Anti-Racist Children: Strategies for Success

Sunday, Oct. 21st, 2-4pm

Diamond MIddle School Auditorium

Please consider attending what promises to be an important panel discussion on how to talk with your children about racism. The panel will be moderated by the Reverend Liz Walker. and includes our own Katie O'Hare-Gibson (Estabrook Kindergarten Teacher). Other panelists include: Celeste Freeman - Hastings School Counselor, April Daciuk- Founder of the Korean Group KOLex, and Maria-Veronica A. Barnes - Director of Diversity at Lexington Montessori School.

Calendar Notes

Additional Early Release Days for Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences will take place on the following days.

NOTE: 12:15 Dismissal each of these days.

Wednesday, October 24

Thursday, October 25

Wednesday, October 31

Thursday, November 1


Tuesday, November 6 - LPS Professional Day

Monday, November 12 - Veterans Day Holiday

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