The Xbox 360 Is Awesome!

Learn some benefits of having a Xbox 360!

These Are a few reasons to get a Xbox 360.

  • There are a lot of games to choose from.
  • You can play with friends and real people.
  • You can watch movies on Netflix and download music on Xbox music.

The Xbox 360 Has A Lot Of Games

Three pecies of evidence

  • The Xbox 360 curently has nine hundred fifty-eight games
  • About five games come out every year
  • There are about thirteen games that you can play in Europe on the Xbox 360

You Can Play With Friends And Real People

Three pecies of evidence

  • You can get on the internet on a game with a popular sports games brand like EA Sports
  • If your account isn't working sometimes you might earn a free one day account
  • If you're lucky if you buy a popular game but you need Xbox live to play it sometimes there is a code inside that gives you a free one week of Xbox live

You Can Download Music On Xbox Music And Watch Movies On Netflix

Three pecies of evidence

  • Xbox music provides over three million songs
  • Soon Xbox music will be on window phones
  • Xbox music is also on the Xbox One