The Two Scholars

by Eric Yang

The Two Scholars

Once upon a time there were two scholars. A young one and an older one. The older one was respected throughout the town. One day, the younger scholar noticed a small wisp of white smoke emerging from a large mountain nearby. Intrigued, the youthful explorer went to investigate. When the scholar reached the peak, he immediately knew that he was looking at an explosive volcano. After weeks of research and calculations, he had determined that the volcano would erupt in seven years. He went down to the town to warn the people of the impending doom. The older scholar, hearing this, dismissed it with a shake of his head.

"Impossible," he said dismissively," Such an amateur could never know that much." He immediately began writing books and papers countering the younger scholar. The townspeople, once alarmed, now sighed with relief. The young scholar, defeated, sadly packed his bags and left. seven years later the young scholar returned to the village. All he saw was a town that was covered in ash.
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Theme Representation

This picture represents my theme, because my theme is ,"trust those who have done their research."


Trust those who have done their research.