Random Things To Know About Dogs!!!

There are many breeds and different shapes and sizes of dogs. Some have long names and some have short names but they are all still dogs. Dogs are great companions and love their owners unconditionally. Some dogs follow you around and on the other hand some need some space most of the time. Most dogs are said to be very smart and mostly active...


There are about 6.2 million puppies born in the U.S. each year! They are born without teeth but unlike humans they cant hear or smell. Puppies sleep for about 14 hours which is the perfect time to take a nap or cuddle with your puppy! When they are born they nurse and when they actually have teeth they can have up to 5 small meals a day. Also grow pretty fast so make sure you play with them when they are still little

Famous Dogs In History

Thinking about what you know, you probably would not the of a dog being famous but just people instead. One famous dog in history is Hachiko. Hachiko was owned by a professor at a university and would wait for him at the nearby train station. His owner died when at the university and didn't come home one day. Hachiko would go to the train station to wait for his owner everyday for a while even after the tragedy that happened.