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Dear Methacton & Friends,

Welcome back to the Methacton School District's Career Spotlight!

This is my last newsletter of the 2022-2023 school year. I would like to thank YOU for joining us in Career Ready topics throughout the school year. It has been my pleasure to connect students with the various opportunities available to them throughout our community. It has also been very rewarding to create connections with our stakeholders to support learning experiences for students.

Student Spotlight - Kyle Bogle

Congratulations to MHS senior, Kyle Bogle! Kyle has been active for several years as a volunteer with Lower Providence Fire Department. While juggling his classes as a high school student, Kyle enrolled at the Montco Fire Academy and recently graduated. All the best to you, Kyle, and thank you for your service to the Methacton community!

Career Events

Please see the pictures below of our career events: K-12 Advisory meeting, Career Days, Job Fairs, Junior Achievement lessons, Mobile Vehicle Fairs & much more!

Junior Achievement Entrepreneurial lessons took place in May for 11th grade High School students!

JA Be Entrepreneurial is a reimagined, modular learning experience that teaches students about the mindset and the skills needed for success by aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators who add value to any organization. In JA Think Like an Entrepreneur, students developed a mindset that enables opportunity identification, innovation, value creation, and problem solving. They learn the principles, strategies, and skills through the experiences of others and apply them to their own lives.

Session 1: Students were introduced to entrepreneurship and the characteristics of a mindset that promote success in their personal and professional lives.

Session 2: Students demonstrated their understanding of the entrepreneurial characteristics by identifying prevalent skills in scenarios. Then, they complete an introspective personal assessment about their entrepreneurial potential.

*Junior Achievement 9-12 Career Fair was held in April*

JA Inspire Virtual offered Methacton High School students the opportunity to learn about local high-growth industries and careers, and the education required for these jobs, with real insight from industry professionals. For businesses, the event provides great brand exposure and a chance to build your future workforce.

The JA Inspire Virtual program took place in a rich virtual environment that mimics the dynamics of a physical live event, including a virtual lobby, information booth, auditorium for presentations, and halls with booths and sponsors. Within the virtual experience, students attended webinars and presentations, explored career booths, and interacted with career speakers.

MHS Job Fair during lunches

The Job Fairs allow Methacton High School students to seek an opportunity of becoming potential new hires. Please share flyers! Let's get you connected.

To attend one of the MHS Job Fair, contact Dr. Maffei.

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Interested in Law Enforcement?

Check out this interview with a police sergeant to learn more about a typical day, requirements and possible career paths.

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I am the Methacton School District's K-12 Career Counselor. I work districtwide with all stakeholders to ensure our students are career ready.

Please join me in any of our career happenings!

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