--Peek at Our Week--Aug 29, 2022

Paonia K-8 School

Paonia K-8 School Info

View our parents' page on facebook, stop by the school, give us a call, visit our website or send us an email. We love to hear from you!

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Come stop by and see our new acoustic panels with artwork designed by a local artist!

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Let your little eagles fly!

Families--we are looking forward to watching your little eagles fly! Please encourage your child to walk to class on his/her own. We are working to build their independent skills of organizing their belongings and also building relationships with their teachers. We will all take them under our wing and take good care of them. This is why our eagle mascots both reference a heart. We are SOARING with PRIDE and HEART!
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Lunch room help!

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4th grade team building!

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BOND for new safety entrance at Paonia K-8 and other schools.

The School Board is considering a no-tax increase bond proposal for the upcoming November 2022 ballot

The current School bond was passed by voters in 2002 and will be paid off in 2023. We are looking for community input as the district considers a NO-TAX INCREASE bond proposal for the upcoming November 2022 ballot. The proposed extension will result in a ZERO DOLLAR increase to be used exclusively on capital projects and will be paid off over a 25-year period. The School Board feels strongly about prioritizing safety-building improvements throughout our district. The funds generated upon approval of this no-increase bond renewal will continue to provide safe and secure facilities for many years.

BOND COMMUNITY SURVEY: https://survey.zohopublic.com/zs/PRCsgN

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We LOVE our PPO volunteers! Join the fun!

We can always use volunteers for school activities, fundraisers, and events!

Volunteer Interest Form

Every day of school attendance is important to a child's learning and school success. We know you want the very best education for your child. That education can only be achieved if your child is in school each day!

Please help your child get to school each day by:

  • Planning your family vacations during summer or the designated school breaks
  • Teaching your child to be on time for school each day
  • Making sure your child stays home only when he or she is sick
  • Asking your child's doctors to schedule appointments before or after school hours or on school breaks
  • Bringing your child to school before and after his/her daytime doctor appointment
  • Planning family outings such as trips to Disneyland on non-school days

We recognize that illnesses may arise as well as unusual circumstances. When these occur, we urge you to keep an open line of communication with your school staff and teacher(s) to ensure that your student remains engaged in the learning process.

If your child will be absent from school, please let your teacher and the office know ahead of time. If you are able to do so, please call the morning of your child's absence.

Meal Prices


Elementary PK-5: $1.70

Middle 6-8: $1.90

High 9-12: $1.90

Adult w/milk: $3.50

Reduced/Free: No Cost

Milk: $0.75


Elementary PK-5: $3.05

Middle 6-8: $3.10

High 9-12: $3.25

Adult w/milk: $4.25

Reduced/Free: No Cost

Milk: $0.75

School Lunch 2022-2023

Our Title 1 funding is determined by a qualifying free/reduced lunch percentages.

Even if you do not plan to eat school lunch, please apply so that we have accurate data reported in order to qualify for the appropriate amount of school funding.

PLEASE fill out the district's free and reduced price lunch application:


The PK8 Title 1 funds pay for homework club, childcare for PPO meetings, academic support staff, and much more!

This year, we do not have the Title 1 funds to support these activities due to families not applying for free/reduced lunches.

We appreciate the accurate information so that we can appropriately fund the support programs that help make our school incredible!

Breakfast & Lunch at School

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Free/Reduced Lunch Application (This information is confidential and not accessible by any PK8 school staff.)


Amelia Baldwin, Principal