The Rideau Report

Holidays 2022

Happy Holidays!

Bonjour Rideau Families!

What a pleasure it was to see so many of you on Monday! Between skating, pajama party and crafts, not to mention hot chocolate, families had the chance to be with their children at school. Watching families, dressed in the same jammies, reading books together or engaging in other kindergarten activities was really heartwarming. I hope we have the chance to do this again in the spring.

We are fast approaching the end of another calendar year. The students have worked really hard this fall! They learned new things, played outside, had several field trips and are now ready for a well-deserved break. I hope you take some time to relax and recharge over the holidays.

I met with student council last week and we would like to make the front foyer more welcoming to all our families. One idea we have had is to write "Welcome" or "Bienvenue" and other positive, affirming messages in the language our students speak at home or hear their parents speak at home. If you would be so kind as to email me with this information, we will design a mural for the school entrance in the new year. If there are artists among you who would like to be part of this project, please contact me. I am sure that together we can produce an amazing, welcoming mural.

2023-2024 Choices at 7 information and applications are now available on LDSB’s website: The turn around for these program is really tight, don't delay.

Our lost and found pile will be bagged up on Wednesday, this is your last chance to come and claim missing items. We will donate the remaining clothes before the break.

A huge thank you goes to M. Davison for all his work conducting the auditions for the Wizard of Oz. I have shared his letter to parents below.

Another thank you goes to M. Cameron and M. Davison for taking the time to get our volleyball teams ready. The students had a great time at the tournaments.

You might be interested to know that during some recesses, Mme Salter is running a chess club for junior students while Mme Cawthorne is running a board game club. These activities allow students to practice their French and learn new games!

Finally, a huge thank you goes to Mme G. in the office who is always there to help students who need a cup, a band aid, ice or to call home. No matter how busy she is, she is always smiling and helpful. Take a minute to thank her if you see her before the break. We certainly could not do it without her help.

We are very fortunate to have engaged and devoted staff at Rideau who try really hard to make school fun and educational for our students.

The last day of school is Thursday December 22 where students are invited to wear red, white and green. From all of us, we wish you the best for the upcoming holidays and will see you in 2023.

Valerie Arsenault


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The Wizard of Oz Production

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are so excited your actor is one of the 105 students who auditioned for Wizard of Oz, Young Performers’ Edition! My name is Mr. Davison and I am one of the Directors/Producers of the Rideau Public School production of Wizard of Oz, Young Performers’ Edition. This is going to be such an amazing journey. Our stellar team can’t wait to begin!

Over the next few months, we will become a theater family! Producing Wizard of Oz, will encompass our school community (staff, actors, parents) positive energy, commitment and dedication, so in advance, we appreciate your support. Each week, your actor will be working hard, learning new artistic and life skills, making new friends and building confidence. The creative process is so fulfilling.

We can’t wait to watch it unfold. Let the theater magic begin!

Musically yours,

Mr. Davison

Important Information

• Wednesday, January 11,2023 is the first day of rehearsals. All CAST please meet in the gym at the first recess/lunch break. A few of our actors may be missing due to extended holidays.Those who miss will catch up when they return.

• Every role in a production is meaningful and important. Our Directors will work hard to ensure everyone has their time to shine on stage.

• Our Directors will be working behind the scenes to write in additional material (lines, singing, dancing) so we can provide additional opportunities for our actors if needed. Please be patient as this process takes time.

• Cast can practice at home by listening and singing to musical tracks with vocals from the musical. The tracks can be found on a Youtube search “The Wizard of Oz Young Performers Edition”


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Parent Council

Our next meeting is Thursday January 19 at 6:30 in the staff room. Babysitting is provided. For people who would prefer to join us remotely, you can use this link Click here to join the meeting virtually.

Limestone Tutoring Resources January 9 – March 30

Monday – Thursday 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

As part of the Ministry of Education Tutoring Grant, LDSB is extending an afterschool drop-in Virtual Tutoring Program through the winter months for Limestone students in Grades 1 to 10.

Grade 1 to 6 - Build literacy and/or math skills. 3 tutors per night. (20 min sessions)

Grade 7 to 10 - Math skills and support. 3 tutors per night. (30 min sessions)

Grade 7 to 10 – Homework help. 2 tutors per night. (30 min sessions)

· Student must be logged in to MS Teams using their Limestone account.

· Click on link for age group and subject support. (links below)

· Sessions are on a first-come, first-served model.

· Wait in virtual lobby until tutor invites student into the session.


Grade 1-6 Literacy Link 1 Grade 7-10 Math Link 1

Grade 1-6 Literacy Link 2 Grade 7-10 Math Link 2

Grade 1-6 Literacy Link 3 Grade 7-10 Math Link 3

Grade 1-6 Math Link 1 Grade 7-10 HW Link 1

Grade 1-6 Math Link 2 Grade 7-10 HW Link 2

Grade 1-6 Math Link 3

See below for Guidelines.

1. The student must be logged in to MS Teams using their Limestone account. The student’s camera and microphone should be on so that the student and tutor can communicate effectively.

2. The student should have the materials they need with them (e.g., students should have their homework assignment). The student should try to set up in an area in the home with minimal distractions for the tutoring

3. If a tutor is already working with a student, subsequent students will be placed in the lobby of the meeting and then be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis once the tutoring session for the previous student is completed. Tutoring sessions for Grades 1-6 will be about 20 minutes long and may be extended, if no other students are waiting. For Grades 7-10 sessions will start at 30 minutes and may be extended if no students are waiting.

4. No tutoring on PA Days or Holidays.

Online Tutoring and Learning Resources

Several tutoring and learning resources are available online to support students and families, including:

Technology Support for Virtual School/Remote Learning
If you require technology support, please visit our Virtual School / Remote Learning Technology Support webpage.

Additional resources to support virtual learning options:

Receiving communication

Most of the communication from the school will come via Messenger to your email or your phone depending on your preferences. To set up you messenger account, follow these instructions.