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Collaborative Teaching! September, 2016

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6 Steps to Successful Co-Teaching

Helping Special and Regular Education Teachers Work Together


Little Steps Make a Big Difference by Dr. Anne Marie Gwizdak

Co-teaching all of my classes this year is a new experience that will take some getting used to. However my co-teachers and I have done a couple of things that make the process easier.

A shared email for our classes allows us the freedom to send and receive messages together as well as use one log-in for all apps to facilitate instruction and assignments seamlessly..


Isn't it a pity? The real problem with special needs | Torrie Dunlap | TEDxAmericasFinestCity

Don Johnston Summit (Educational Software for students with reading difficulties)

On September 13th, Casey Nagle, Marla Kallin, Gina Aiello, Roger Quinlan and Donna Volpe attended the Don Johnston Summit. At this Summit, we learned how to utilize programs purchased for the district in order to promote UDL (Universal Design for Learning) as well as provide accommodations and differentiations for all of our students in order to allow all greater access to the curriculum.


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A Message from the Director of Special Services:

The Ramsey School District is dedicated to providing the best education possible for all its students regardless of their individual differences and unique learning styles. As Director of Special Services, it is my responsibility to promote the overall mission of the district that focuses on preparing all students to be capable and confident life-long learners.