Integumentary System

By Ella Imrie P2

Functions of the Integumentary System and Structure of the Skin.

The skin is our first line of defense against bacteria and anything else that would harm us. There are two layers of the skin. The first is the epidermis layer and it is made up of dead skin cells that have risen to the top. It protects us against germs and serves as a waterproof layer. The second under layer is the dermis. The dermis holds the nerve endings and blood vessels. The integumentary system as a whole is important in ensuring homeostasis in our bodies. One way it does this is it helps get rid of waste materials through perspiration (sweat.) When we sweat its pushes out a little bit of waste every time the water passes through our skin. Another way it helps us is that it produces melanin which in turn shields us from the Suns UV rays, preventing sunburns. It protects our body from dehydration as well as protecting us from sudden changes in temperature by acting as a buffer zone from the heat and cold. It helps maintain the shape of your body and generates vitamin D when exposed to the Sun.

Ailments of the Integumentary System.

Ailments of the Integumentary System and Treatments

The first and probably most common skin disorder is acne. Acne occurs when fine hair follicles become plugged and then bacteria grows in the plugged follicles. You can treat this quite easily by using creams and over the counter prescriptions to unplug the follicles and get rid of the acne. If you have serious acne that will not go away you might go to a dermatologist for help. Sunburn is a type of radiation burn caused by over exposure of UV radiation from the sun. Signs of sunburn include blisters and red colored skin. You can treat sunburn using a multitude of creams and products, but the most common type is Aloe Vera cream. Most of the time you will not need to go to the doctor. A rash is a change of the skin which affects the color, texture and overall appearance. The treatment is easy and quick. Using creams the rash will disappear quite quickly.