Religious Persecution

In the Middle East by Caroline and Olivia

An estimated 5.5 billion people of all faith face religous persecution today.

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The areas facing it the worst?

The Middle East.

Where'd they go?

As ISIS becomes a larger threat to the people in the Middle East, many are fleeing their countries.

The problem is hitting the Middle East so severly that Chrisitianity is becoming a major relgious minority.

CST violations

Rights and Responsibilities- It is our right to be spiritual without the fear of being harmed in any way for our faith. It is our born right to participate in any faith we want.
Dignity of the Human Person- Our lives are to be respected regardless of our religious beliefs. ALWAYS RESPECT. NO EXCEPTIONS.
The Call to Family, Community, and Participation- We are called as a human family to respect and watch out for one another and persecuting any other human is not accomplishing this.
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What can WE do?

While there is not a local organization working to fight against Religious Persecution in the Middle East, we can join in prayer for them as well as donate money to the Saving Christians Organization working to house Syrian refugees. We can initiate a fundraiser at NDCL for the organization to help them achieve their goal.