1963 V.S. 2016 F-150 Truck

By: Kevin Junek

The Ford F-150

No doubt that the Ford F-150 is a popular series here in 2016, but how popular was it in the famous 1960's? Well Lets jump in and see for our selves.

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Here is the 1963 Ford F-150

The 1963 Ford F-150

This series of Ford was well know in Canada and the United States for its horse power and its torque. And was used mostly on farms and ranches. And for a farm truck, it has come along way. This is a picture of the truck. As you can see it has a few features that catch the eye. Such as the chrome grill, the white sidewalls of the tires and the side step of the bed. Just these different features sit it aside from the 2016 model.
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Here is the NEW Ford F-150

And here is the 2016 Ford F-150 truck. Obviously you can see the difference between the two. Notice that the tire's sidewalls are black now. And how the bumper is now mainly plastic. And the bed has been extended. Although it is still used as a farm/ranch hand truck, it has now became one of the most common cars on the road.

No Matter The Difference

No matter the difference, these trucks have been known for their reliability and their power. And I believe that these trucks will stay as reliability forever.