Impact Education!

Bringing World Class Education to Developing Nations

The Problem

In Africa we have some amazing college age students. But also a severe shortage of highly skilled educators in many Central and West African Universities. The gap in education between developing and developed nations leads the brightest from the continent, and stalls development.

This can be mitigated with professors from North America, Asia, and Europe, but this option gets very expensive very quickly. That's where Impact Education comes in...

The Plan

We send professors to their choice of 4 locations in Central and Western Africa.

They teach intensive practical subject focused lecture series at the local University. Two weeks at each location

The professor gets a vacation, the University gets a cheap guest lecturer, and the students get a world class education in practical subjects.

The Payoff

Education is the foundation of development and quality education could impact multiple generations of those living in poverty.

With a small grant we could provide upwards of 200 lectures in a year at a fraction of the cost it would take for the University to provide the same education.

The Pilot

We want to send our volunteer professor Zeno Wicks III to Republic of Congo and Ghana to lecture on agriculture at the local Universities. He will provide weeks of lectures to hundreds of students, and do so for only the cost of a ticket.

It is our hope, that this project will provide the evidence we need that this program can work and impact the many students in Africa who seek a high quality education.

All we need for the pilot, and to take this project to the next level is a small donation. Please visit our link below if you wish to donate. Any contribution is welcome, but as a special treat, any donation of $50 or above will receive a souvenir from Africa.