By The amazing Ethan

Elephant seals

Elephant seals swim

in the icy, rough, cold sea.

They are cool creatures.

Did you know Leopard seals eat Ross seals. Wendell seals and crab-eater seals which only eat algae.

Aurora Australis

The Aurora Australis are long rays of light that are in a range of colours like red, yellow, purple, pink and the most popular of the many colours and my personal favourite green. TThe Aurora Australis are made by solar wind from the sun.

This is an imige of an sunken ship it looks like it was hit by an ice-berg.

Sir Douglas Mawson DID NOT!!! Lead his own expodition to Antarctica.
This is an Elephant seal.

Captain Robert Scott

Scott lived from 1868-1912. He was a British naval officer and explorer.Scott's hut is still standing.

David Attenborough at huge glaciers in Antarctica - BBC wildlife