Sunshine's Colony

Land in Texas as Low as $.125 Per Acre!

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Location ~

Sunshine's Colony is located in Texas between the the Brazos and Colorado Rivers! This region is located in the Rolling Plains, which means if y'all come down here to live y'all will have good farming land! There are many trees for lumber, a plethora of game animals, and Sunshine's Colony is far from the vicious Commanche Indians making it a prime spot to live!

We Want You!


If you are...

  • hardworking
  • honest
  • Catholic or will to turn Cathloic
we want you to come live in Sunshine's Colony!

But, if you are...

  • a drunkard
  • a gambler
  • an idler
  • a profane swearer
don't even think about coming to live in Sunshine's Colony.

Extra land will be given to...

  • doctors
  • teachers
  • blacksmiths


Of course if you move here you are going to need land!

  • not married - 640 acres
  • married - an additional 320 acres
  • an additional 160 acres per child
  • for every slave you will get an extra 80 acres of land!
Of course though, we cannot just give our land away, you must pay $.125 per acre which beats United States prices at $1.25 per acre!

Please Send Your Applications to....

555, New Orleans Drive, New Orleans Louisiana