military in afghanistan



The issue is the Afghanistan people crashed two planes into two towers in 2001.Those who crashed the planes were terrorists so CANADA wanted to fight to resolve the problems. CANADA was sent to AFGHANISTAN to kill the leader his name was OSAMA BIN LADIN.

Why did CANADA go to war in AFGHANISTAN

Answer: CANADA went to war to defeat the AFGHANISTAN terrorists because the AFGHANISTAN people attacked the U.S.A.

Why would CANADA help the AFGHANISTAN fight in AFGHANISTAN

Answer: CANADA helped the AFGHANISTAN people fight because the tailaban were attacking other places in AFGHANISTAN so the CANADIAN military helped the places who were getting attacked fight.

Why is CANADA involved in the and participating

CANADA is involved because the taliban and al-queda are attacking the innocent people in AFGHANISTAN so the CANADIAN army was sent to help train the AFGHANISTAN military to fight al-queda and the taliban.

My conclusion

I learned that CANADA is very involved in things around the world e.g my report, global warming, Ebola, air pollution, sunami in Japan and the Hati earthquake

Why I chose these pictures

I chose pictures because they represent the that happen in wars witch are you keep people hostage until they talk. you bring your men to doctors if they are injured. you try to eliminate the bad guys
16x9 - The Go-To Guys: Canada's helicopter fleet in Afghanistan