Johnson's Family Reunion

By: Tatyana Anthony

The Johnson's Family

The First person in my Johnson's Family is a male name Wally , and wally is 66 years old , and Wally is retired, and Wally is married and has no children . Wally has been married for 57 years . So Wally only problem is that he is underweight and he needs to gain more weight . Now the Second person name Terry , So Terry is 61 years old , And terry is also retired with her husband and no children . Terry is also underweight and she needs to gain more weight with her husband . Both Wally and his wife Terry Are the oldest couples still living in their families .

Wally ( Male ) - Husband

- Retired

- Exercise way to much

- Eats very little

- Has a Pit bull name Sparks

- BMI level is underweight

- Wally needs more proteins , Fats .

- The income level is great He's gets a retirement check

- He Lives in Beverley Hills

- None of his family Members are here .

- He collects Coins for different country's.

Terry ( Female ) - Wife

- Terry's retired

- Terry's Needs more Fats , Proteins in her gaining weight

- The income level on her part is good , she also get a retirement check

. Has a Pit bull name Sparks

.BMl Level is underweight

. Lives in Beverley Hills with her husband

. Terry has no family members too .

Terry like to Paint and draw for her hobbies and interest .

- No medical condition

- doesn't really exercise

- Eats very little

3 Days of Meals

Day One

- Break feast

- Fruit Juice , Yogurt , whole - grain toasts


- Salad , with Apple juice , and a Banana's


- Green Beans , with Chicken , and Mac & Cheese , a Diet Coke


Strawberries with Grapes and a cup yogurt , and a water


Break feast

: Whole - grain toast with apples , and cup of milk


: A Ham Sand which with cheese and cup of grape juice

: Mac & Cheese with Bake Beans , Pork chops , and cup of Diet Pepsi


: Yogurt with Berries and sand which with a cup of peach juice

Break Feast

:Glass of milk

: Bowl Of Cereal

: Grapes on the side


- a Pork Sand Which

- Glass Of Fruit Juice

- Oranges


= Corn Bread

= bake beans

= chicken ribs


~ apple sauce

~ grape juice

~ Turkey Sand Which

Limited Resources

My Family has alot of resources that they can use to help the help they need to become more healthy . and they have money and the time and the energy

Community Programs

MY family Doesn't need the Programs Because the volunteer and get in the program