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February 2015

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Sliding on through!

Considering the fact that February is our shortest month, AND that we missed an entire week due to the weather, it's pretty impressive that over 500 books were checked out this month. The new books we received last month probably had something to do with it!

The school Book Blitz contest among the Care classes was quite successful, with six classrooms meeting or exceeding their goals! Congratulations to Ms. Cannon, Mrs. Tracy, Ms. Lyles, Ms. Fiorelli, Mr. Reker, and Mrs. Lindsey, with a special shout-out to Ms. Mullins, who kept Mrs. Lindsey's kids on track for her!

The American Library Association awards (Newbery, Caldecott, etc.) were announced this month, and Library Media Services has offered to send us a copy of two of the winners! We're looking forward to that!

The Language Arts Department's fourth annual Literacy and Open Mic night was a big success! We had a great showing of both parents and students and some beautiful readings, as well as new student-written work. I asked for and received copies of these for our Western Wonders magazine. We have such talented kids here at Western!

And, finally, we have three more computers in the library, thanks to Mrs. Hannah! This brings us up to five. I would like to have ten altogether, but this is a great start.

Next Projects!

This month, I'll be weeding the 600s (technology and applied sciences), as well as continuing to assign genres to all the fiction books. This is beginning to seem like the never-ending task! It's taking longer partly because I'm fixing the records as I go, and adding Lexile and Reading Counts information.

The success of the Book Blitz last grading period made me want to do another one. I'm thinking about doing one for the month of April, hoping to start before spring break. If anyone has a great idea, let me know!

I've begun putting together an order for the end of the year. I think it's wonderful that I have so many requests for books from the kids!

Kentucky Bluegrass Awards

This month is when we vote on our favorite Bluegrass Award nominee! I'll have ballots out by the middle of the month. These have been very popular books, so I should have a lot of voters. Everyone who votes will receive a small prize, and be put in a drawing for a $25 Visa card.

Maker-Space Trial

The trial runs of our "Maker-space" in the library during Fun Friday went quite well. Jewelry-making was quite popular, and many Valentines were made. Some of the girls had asked for knitting and crochet materials, so I've obtained those. I brought in Legos, hoping to get some building going, but there's still a way to go to get this part up and running. The circuit stickers weren't as popular as I thought they'd be, so I'll have to figure out what would make this more interesting. If anyone has any great ideas for this space, I'd really like to hear them! I'm thinking of having it available before school, and even during the Care period, if there are kids who would benefit.

Literary and Art Magazine news

We have obtained some wonderful work from our Literacy night, and I think we have decided on our cover. WE NEED MORE, both written and graphic! We have such talented kids here, I know we'll end up making a magazine to be proud of. The staff of seven will have its work cut out as we move towards spring.

These are four of the staff saying, "We want YOUR art!"

Plans for March

  • Continue regular meetings with the Magazine group, and start canvassing for and editing submissions.
  • Conduct Kentucky Bluegrass Award voting.
  • Improve Maker-Space options.
  • Continue labeling fiction books with genre labels, ahead of reshelving them by genre.
  • Finish weeding the 600s, and sign up for weeding help for the end of the year.