TGMS Update Summer Edition

July 30, 2021

A message from our Principal, Mr. Kauffeld

Dear Parents and Students,

The entire staff at Toll Gate Middle School is super excited to welcome you to a new school year. As we begin to navigate our new normal, we hope you are just as excited for the next chapter of your child’s education. In an attempt to fuel the thrill and alleviate any anxiety, this special summer edition is being sent to all parents of incoming students to answer many of your questions about the upcoming year. Topics such as the TGMS Back to School Night, online registration forms, school supplies, paying fees online, and important calendar dates are covered in this issue.

How to access your online registration forms:

Paying fees online:

Student Homeroom Assignments

Student homeroom placements will be available to view Friday, August 6th, by accessing the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus. Please see important information below regarding Infinite Campus.

Parent Notification System - Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus will be open to parents on August 6.

Please log in to

The information you provide in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal is used to communicate news and information to parents (most often via email) so it is important that ALL information in the Portal is accurate and up-to-date. This information can be reviewed and updated at any time throughout the year as needed. The Parent Portal is also where you will see your student’s grades, attendance and school fee information.

Back-to-School/Open House - August 13

Our Back-to-School/Open House will take place Friday, August 13, from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. More specific information will be provided in future updates.

The PTO and School Supplies

Our PTO has generously supplied many of the basic items your student will need to get started this school year! The PTO knows how much our parents give to our school community and they want to give back to parents to help reduce the financial burden of purchasing supplies for their students to use. A huge thank you to our PTO for their support of our students and families!

TGMS School Supplies List - 5th gr.

The TGMS PTO will provide the following for all students:

1 roll transparent tape
1 Red pen
1 pack colored pencils, sharpened 1 highlighter

1 fine tip Sharpie
Large glue sticks
1 pack loose-leaf notebook paper 1 pack of crayons
One bottle of Elmer’s glue

Parents are asked to provide the following:

1 Wired Earbuds (no wifi/bluetooth, must be left at school) 1 4-pack dry erase markers
1 pair of pointed scissors
1 2” sturdy 3-ring binder

1 pack 8-tab notebook dividers 2 composition notebooks
1 pencil pouch (no boxes)
1 large box of tissues

1 roll of masking tape

Boys only: 1 box of gallon Ziploc bags Girls only: 1 box snack size Ziploc bags

*** replenish supplies as needed **

TGMS School Supplies List - 6th gr.

The TGMS PTO will provide the following for all students:

Pencils, sharpened
Colored pencils, sharpened 2-3 Highlighters
2 Black Sharpies
1 pk loose-leaf paper
1 bottle of Elmer’s liquid glue Glue sticks
1 pk Post-its 3 x 3

Parents are asked to provide the following:

1 Earbuds (no wireless)
Pencil bag - no boxes
3 Dry erase markers
2 pr. Scissors size appropriate 3 Composition notebooks

1 pk Index cards 3 X 5 1 box tissues

**Please replenish these supplies throughout the year** Boys only: gallon size baggies

Girls only: qt. size baggies

Optional: Touching Spirit Bear -- novel for sixth grade

**There will be additional supplies requested by teams**

TGMS School Supplies List - 4th gr. Gateway

4th Grade Gateway Supply List Ms. Drummond & Ms. Lewis


The TGMS PTO will provide the following for all students:

  • ● 1 pack of index cards (100 ruled, 3x5, white or colors)

  • ● #2 pencils-one dozen

  • ● colored pens (a few-not blue or black)

  • ● colored pencils

  • ● 2 highlighters

  • ● 2 Sharpies- black fine-point permanent markers

  • ● 6 glue sticks

  • ● 2 rolls of "invisible" tape (in dispensers)

  • ● ruler

  • ● protractor

    Parents are asked to provide the following:

    Notebooks & Folders

  • ● pencil bag/pouch (no pencil boxes please)

  • ● 3 composition books (wide-ruled) for interactive

    notebooks (math, science, and ELA)

  • ● 4 sturdy two-pocket folders without prongs

    Math: blue Science: green

    Social studies: red take-home folder: your choice!

  • ● 1 yellow two-pocket folder with prongs for ELA

    Writing Utensils

  • ● 1 pkg. colored markers (not permanent)

  • ● 2 dry erase markers (bold visible colors)

    Project Supplies

  • ● scissors (pointed tip)

  • ● locking compass for math

    Miscellaneous Supplies

  • ● headphones or earbuds for Chromebook (to keep at school)

  • ● freezer bags (boys – 1 gallon size; girls – 1 quart size)

    *Supplies may need to be replenished throughout the school year. Any brand is acceptable. Thank you!

TGMS School Supplies List - 5th gr. Gateway

5th Grade Gateway

Supply List 2021-2022

Mrs. Orzechowski & Mrs. Overfield

THE TGMS PTO will provide the following for all students:


Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper

1 Packs of Index Cards (100 ruled, 3x5, white or colors)

Colored Pencils



4 Glue Sticks

Scotch tape (3 pack)

Highlighters (2-3)

Sharpie marker (black)

Post-its 3 pack

Parents are asked to provide the following:

2 Pens



Washable Markers

Dry Erase Marker

1 box of Large ziplock bags

Box of Tissues

Headphones or earbuds (take home daily)

4 vinyl folders (no prongs please)

1 heavy duty 2 pocket folder (WITH PRONGS). This will be used as a take-home folder.

Pencil Bag/Pouch (no pencil boxes please)

2 Composition Journals (Please, no spiral bound notebooks, thank you!)

**Replenish supplies as needed**

TGMS School Supplies List - 6th gr. Gateway

Gateway 6th Grade Supply List


Mrs. Burre & Mrs. Muck

The TGMS PTO will provide the following for all students:

Colored pens

#2 pencils

Colored Pencils


Glue sticks

Scotch tape on dispenser (not refill rolls)

Parents are asked to provide the following:

Pointed tip adult size scissors

Pkg. of Markers (not permanent)

Dry erase marker

Pencil bag/pouch

1 one and one half (1 ½) inch sturdy binder (with pockets inside the cover)

1 pack of 5 dividers for binder with pockets

4 composition books (not spiral bound)

1 pair of headphones/earbuds to keep at school - no bluetooth

Individual supply of tissues (to keep in backpack)

Individual refillable water bottle

Additional supplies may be needed throughout the year.

Students will need to replenish their stock when they run out.


Aug. 13 TGMS Back-to-School/Open House 3-5pm

Aug. 16 First Day of School Grades 1 - 12

Please continue to watch the Pickerington Local School District website for Back to School information.