The Bond Brief

Sharing the Highlights of Our Learning in Team Bond

Michigan Kid of the Week

Natalie Bay was our Michigan Kid of the Week! We have enjoyed getting to know a lot of special places in Michigan through our I'm a Michigan Kid weekly project. Recently we have learned about Comerica Park, Frankenmuth and the Tulip Festival in Holland!

Our Week in Review

Math: We finished Unit 4 this week. We did a few lessons on probability and chance with dice and pennies too! The BA will be on Tuesday. We reviewed in class yesterday and today, and we will review again on Monday. Again, the primary topics on the BA are measuring to the nearest ½ in. and cm., multiplication, division, story problems, and measurement comparisons.

Science: We have enjoyed exploring energy through our Energy Playground. Children have explored motors hooked up to batteries, flashlights and mirrors, tone generators, and musical holiday cards. Through out explorations, students generated questions that will be part of our inquiry projects!

Reading: We are continuing to read The Secret Zoo! A project is coming home and due on Wednesday! Bryan Chick will be here on Wednesday night, and I would love to have these available for him to see! We worked on visualizations in our Reader's Response Journal. In addition, students have worked on their fluency using non-fiction comprehension cards and word pattern poems. Camille, our class musician, also chose a song for us to read and sing together, to work on our fluency.

Book Logs: Make sure your child is recording at-home reading. Book logs are due each Monday! If your child does not have his/her log or has not recorded any books for the week, he/she has to stay in from lunch recess to work on reading.

Writing: We wrote realistic fiction short stories this week, loosely based on entries in our idea notebook from daily pages (personal narratives.) We also have started our unit on opinion writing and persuasive writing. The children have improved with their writing fluency and stamina, however, there are still some children that have struggled with our morning writing. I will be working with the struggling students to generate ideas and build their fluency. The average words written in a 15 minute time period has been around 115 each day!

Word Study: Blue and Green groups are working on homophones this week, which is a third grade grammar objective. Both groups will work on Blue Sort 8. Yellow is also on Sort 8.

Take a Look at Our Learning!

Needed: Each child needs to bring in a box (150) of fold top sandwich bags...not ones that can seal! Due 12/5

Looking Ahead!

Next Thursday we will have our behavior reward activity morning. Team Bond will be the host! We will be taking out our cardboard arcade creations and allowing the other classrooms time to play! Also, Glengary Student Council is hosting a toy drive. Please consider donating a toy (Under $10) to help with this.

We are Team Bond!

We hope you have enjoyed learning about our week!