Crazy World Of Avid

Lafaith Youngblood, January 14-16,2015, Avid 7th Grade

The Cornell Way!

*This year one of the strategies that has helped me is cornell notes. In avid we have learend that the way you write your notes can help you better when you study if you do it the cornell way. Cornell notes are easy if you do it the right way, You might even understand that lesson better. I know that when i HD my notes i feel that i've processed my notes in a way a student who was'nt in avid could'nt.

Organization Is The Key.

*Before i got into avid i you could say i was organized. Since i've been in avid for this semster i've found myself not searching for: homework, notes, graded papers, and papers for my parents to see. I am more victorious in my academics because of my organization. I feel as if i was to not continue being organize then i would be chooseing not to succeed in my academic studys.

My Tutorial Process.

*In tutorials we get a chance to understand our lesson's that we either learned on Monday or Wesneday. When im in tutorials i try to understand not just me problem but also my fellow classmates because, you never know when you might see that same problem and realize you should have listened in tutorials. I think that its good that we only have one tutor for the whole year, unless he/or she is not available to be with us. I stongly believe that if avid stop tutorials it wouldn't be the same.

T.R.F Is The Way In.

*T.R.F stands for tutorial request form. The T.R.F is what you have to do way before you get to tutorials, Its your way. If you don't have your T.R.F then you have to go to the middle table and do one. T.R.F's are very important in avid. It gives you another chance to try and understand what your teacher probably didn't cover the day before.

Public Speaking Is The Best!

*I have to admit being in avid dose have some perks. Like when we have public speakers come into our classroom and talk just to us its amazing. But when that happens its not all just fun and games its a learning activty also. We do alot of things while having public speakers. The last time we had a public speaker we wrote cornell notes. Our public speaker was really cool he was a news producer.

Why Community Service?

*I know what your thinking when you see community service you like "Why are 13 and 14 year old kids doing community service?" Well i have your answer. Avid id all about preparing you for college and Mrs.Shaw says to get in college you need to have some way to make your self sand out. Commuinty service is an awesome way to do that, you're helping people. This year took avid to mission arlington around thanksgiving time to pack food up for people who are unfortunate.