Estacada SD Fall Reopening Update

Estacada School District Families and Community,

Estacada School District leadership have worked throughout the summer to create a comprehensive plan that features two different learning options: a hybrid part-time on-campus model and a 100% virtual model. This plan was developed with the understanding that our district may need to transition between these two models based on restrictions and the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community.

Following Governor Brown’s announcement of new guidelines and requirements for reopening school, our district leaders consulted with public health experts throughout the state, and met with our school board in a public special session on August 5th to finalize reopening plans in the wake of these new requirements. With the information presented, our school board voted unanimously to start and host school 100% virtually through October 30th.

While our hybrid learning plan was thorough and a welcome opportunity to engage with our students in the classroom again, the metrics presented by Governor Brown indicate that with COVID-19’s current local trends, we will be unable to open in a hybrid model for at least a month after the start of school. Our district has also weighed the need to give families ample advance notice regarding school status. When taking these factors into consideration, the decision to go 100% virtual through October was the most proactive and realistic option to offer our community.

Last spring, our comprehensive distance learning made national and statewide headlines. The Estacada School District has once again built a best-in-class online learning platform, allowing students to experience school from anywhere while learning daily alongside their neighborhood friends, guided by a highly qualified teacher creating individualized instruction for your child. Our district has made significant investments to ensure that we are continuing to improve our virtual school through increased technology, staff training, increased support resources for families, and the implementation of one Learning Management Platform districtwide.

We will be reopening our school buildings for hybrid learning as soon as we are able to following October 30th. Our first priority will be to open school for our most vulnerable populations: K-3 students, and students served by our Student Services department. Based on the metrics provided, we may be able to serve these student populations prior to October 30th, and will communicate those updates in advance. Throughout September and October, we will continue to give families status updates on when we will be able to reopen our doors to students. Keeping our families supported and informed is a top priority through these difficult decisions and times.

Thank you for your understanding, partnership, and support. Through a positive mindset and a shared focus on student learning, we can create a supportive and quality educational environment and experience for your students no matter where they are.

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