Auto Diesel Mechanic

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Career Details

You fix big engines or you find out what is wrong with them. Like semi trucks, tractors, buses and more. Lots of different tools are used on the job. The more training you have the more likely you will get hired. The median salary in Illinois is 45,000. Usually work in a shop or wherever the vehicles located, doing 40 hours a week with weekends and holidays off.


Most should take diesel engine training program. Diesel repair training can be taken at lots of community colleges. When you finish you get an associate degree or a certificate. Its hands on experience usually 30 hours a week.

Skills Required

Need to have previous training and like working with hands. Using and repairing with tools. Finding out what's causing a problem and how to fix it. Have good listening skills to know what's going and not interrupt. also being able to speak and give information about certain parts and being a good problem solver.

Job Outlook

It's going to increase because the popularity of freight transportation using trucks is on the rise. Also Diesel engines are gaining popularity and are used in buses and trucks of all kinds because they are more reliable than gasoline engines.

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