2F Weekly News

Week of Sunday Sept. 6, 2015

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A Note from Ms. Graves

Dear Families,

A huge thank you for those who were able to make it out to Back to School Night. I know it was a packed evening but here were some of the big reminders:

  • please email me with any questions or important info regarding your child, I will try to get back to you right before or after school
  • also please email me if your child is enrolled in an after school activies or there is a change in dismissal
  • end of year expetations were shared, please note the grade 2 standard has students entering on a level i and ending the school year at a level m or n
  • having your child orally tell stories using transition words (first, next, finally) will strengthen prewriting skills
  • please read below for the change in dismissal at Gate 5
  • IXL username and passwords are in your take home folder, stay tuned for Raz Kids (now Kids A-Z)
  • Hoework goes home every Sunday and is due the following Sunday - however it can be turned in on Thursday if complete. Just Right books will be sent home the week before Eid.
  • birthday celebrations take place from 9:30-9:45pm during our snack time - I just need a 2 or 3 day notice
  • Moza (Ali's mom) and Lourdes (Adrian's mom) will be our room parents this year, if you do not want your email shared with class parents please let me know by this Sunday Sept. 13th.
  • stay tuned for recommended apps and our live classroom blog

Have a lovely weekend.

Emily Graves

At Home Tip: Knowing +10 and -10 facts is a BIG part of grade 2. Play a game with your child using the hundreds board asking "What is 10 more or 10 less than______". The goal is for students to quickly jump up and down a row, then by taking away the chart they know these facts in a snap.

Curriculum Updates

Parent & Counselors Coffee Afternoon

Transitions happen every day in your child’s world. Starting a new school or grade level, moving to a new house or saying goodbye to a friend are all examples of transitions that can cause your child angst.

Join the Elementary School Counselors Monday September 14th at 1:45pm - 3:00pm in the Elementary Cafeteria as we explore ways to help children transition more smoothly.

Next week you will be receiving a letter home outlining the next unit in math - Measurement. Please keep this as a reference.

Grade 2 MAPS testing

Sunday, Sep. 13th, 8am to Wednesday, Sep. 16th, 9am

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

Please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and a solid breakfast each morning to prepare for the MAPS assessment.

2F Eid Celebration

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 2:30pm

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

Eid Break

Friday, Sep. 18th, 6am to Saturday, Sep. 26th, 11:45pm

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha