Act 5 Scene 1

Version 1 and 2

The film version's 1 and 2 can compare to the actual acts of the play. They each show how afraid and mentally deranged Lady Macbeth is. To me, film version 2, by Rupert Goold, was the most accurate. The second version really emphasized how insane Lady Macbeth was. If I were to choose which film version I liked better it would be Version 2. The reason for that is because it was very dramatic and it caught my attention. One difference I noticed between the two version was the actual background of it. In version 1 the scene happened inside Lady Macbeth's room, and in the second version it happed in a different room inside the castle, in which did not seem like her bedroom. A similarity I noticed was that you can automatically tell how insane Lady Macbeth was. Also, another similarity I noted between the two versions was that, in both, the doctor and the lady seemed very concerned for Lady Macbeth.