The Diary of Anne Frank

By Jared Taylor

Destroying The Evidence web
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My character

I picked Anne's diary and mr.Frank because he had a bond with his daughter and that diary. He enjoy watching her write in that diary. She wrote about her cat they left. Anne wrote every day. She wrote what was going on that day. Anne want to become a author some day. She also wrote how her day was going and what the weather was like.

The Destroying Evidence

In the Diary of Anne Frank there going into hiding. They go to Mr. Franks work place to hide. When they get there Miep hands him and hen mail and he said "get rid of them"(397). The Franks are Jews and there hiding evidence of where there they are at. The nazis want all Jews killed. The mom gets scared and wants to leave but Mr. Frank said "we've got to stay"(411). I learned that there scared about getting caught.

Accusing Each Other

The Vandaans are Jews too. They live with the Franks in the secret attic. Anne takes Peters shoes and he says "give them back"(389). The accused mrs.Vandaan for giving too much to Mr.Vandaan. Mr . Vandaan that night goes to kitchen and steals some bread. Mrs.Frank says "how dare you"(418). I learned they accuse each other. For picture
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