Cherish Your Friends Forever

By Adam Taylor, 1-2

Analysis of the development of Theme

The setting, characters, plot and conflict all work together to create an author's message. Without the setting, there would be no conflict, because we would not know where the conflict is taking place. The characters play an important role, too. The characters specify who the book is talking about. In the book, "Freak the Mighty", the author uses very simple but very modern and suspenseful details. Also, the author has a very big conflict, which makes the reader want more. In the book, the conflict rises to a very high point, and when that point ends, the reader feels like, "What?! It's already over?!" The reader wants an interesting problem in the book, so the author gives them an interesting problem. The plot needs to be very accurate. The beginning must slow and cool, and then the rising action must be a powerful scene in the book that makes the reader keep on going. Then when the climax reaches, the reader is so into it, that, he cannot put the book down. Then things start to cool down, and the story ends. "Freak the Mighty" is an amazing book that follows these exact steps onto the way to a good story. Moving on, we go to the setting. My opinion is that the setting should have very descriptive details. It should have almost every bit of detail in the scenery, and in the character's mind. "Freak the Mighty" does all of this. It shows dialogue of what the character is thinking. It also shows details of the terrain and brings and extraordinary scenery.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I think reactions to this theme should be positive. Mine was, because I definitely agree that you should cherish your friends forever. People sometimes take their friends for granted. We need to not do that, and we need to cherish our friends. You always should try to not find friends just to try and manipulate them. Your friends are people. You should treat them with respect and not take them for granted. You never know what may happen in the future with your friends.

Visual Representations of Theme


Your friends are treasure. You need to cherish them. Think of Max and Kevin. Max was so good to Kevin. He even broke into the hospital to see if he was okay. That is a perfect example of friends, except the break-in part. You need to have compassion for your friends. In Freak the Mighty, the two friends were very good to each other. Kevin was also very good to Max. When his dad captured Max, Kevin went into enemy territory and saved Max. These two are true friends. They worked together to fight off Tony and his gang. Now when you think of what real friends are, think of Max and Kevin, or "Freak the Mighty".