The World of Ancient China

The Silk Road created by Hayden Clayton


China is home and the roots of many great inventions, innovations, ideas, and advances in the world we know today. One of the best accomplishments was The Silk Road. The Silk Road, was a place of profits, heart ship, blood, sweat, and tears. People fell under it's spell and they did not know what was to come.
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The picture above is an example of what silkworms look like. Silkworms produce silk by spitting out a long and thin string of silk which then the process will repeat and you will end up with a ball of silk.

History of China and The Silk Road

China was not always called china, some people also call it '' The Land Of Silk''. Guess where it got that name? Yep The Silk Road. The Silk Road is about 4,000 miles long and goes along the boarders of China, India, Persia, and what is now called Turkey.

The Journey You Had To Take

You might think that The Silk Road was all fun and games but the trip was defiantly not a piece of cake. You would have to come face to face with icy blizzards, blinding sandstorms, dessert heat, and some parts were not safe to travel on because of disease such as the Bubonic Plauge or Black Death. People would have to hire armed guns men to keep them safe but people did not care about the dangers because the profits were so great.
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When you traveled on the Silk Road you would not take a car or truck, you would travel on camels in caravans. The picture above is a good example of what you would see if you were on the Silk Road.

The Effects of The Silk Road

People would risk their lives for the profits of the silk. The profits were high for this trade item. People from the east and west were able to buy those luxury goods. Now everyone has heard of Silk on the Silk Road but that is not all they traded, they also had small, light, expensive items such as spices and gold.


The Silk Road has had a major effect in the world of trade and the world in general. The Silk Road has influenced trade, religions, and the way people think. The Silk Road has left a permanent mark on the world.
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The Silk Road was not a short trip, there was many paths you could take and it was easy to loose your way every now and then. You had the main Silk Road (which most people took) , the Eurasian Steppe Route, or the Main Connecting Routes.