Tracheoesophogeal Fistula & Esophogeal Artesia by: Emily Bay

What are the causes of TEF/EA?

Doctors are not still not sure what causes TEF or EA. There are no patterns in history of what may have cause this. Doctors refer to it as an unexplained mystery.

Life Expectancy with Treatment

Treatments can include throat dilations, surgery, or even both. It really just depends on what your child can take/bear, and what he/she needs. If treatment is done after birth, the child will be able to live a normal life span and will be able to participate in normal, everyday activities. :)

3 Facts About TEF/EA

TEF/EA causes the trachea to attach where the esophagus should have. Because of this, all the food goes down the trachea (windpipe), which is used for breathing, This causes the child to choke on his/her food, and not get al the nutrients they need. Some important things to remember are:

-Always have a doctor on call, and get to know them

-Prepare a special diet for the first few weeks of your baby's life to avoid any throat complications

-Watch for any symptoms of soreness of the throat or discomfort