Whats You'r game

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Whats You'r game By:maya

people who play soccer usaully get in plenty of headers. So don't get in to many headers or you will get brain damaged or get a concussoin.some people who do 1000`s to 100`s of times went to the hospital.It was mostley men who went to the hospital.But girls get it more.

whats a defender

How do you play defence

THis is how you play defence

Well first you have to go side to side onthe back part of the field.Then you move up and down to the offender.Then you go all the way back if they get past you so don't let that happen. if you do be careful or else they will score on you.

How do you play forward

A forward is someone who stays up the field.A forward also goes at the other teams defence.If the other teans defence doesen't get to the ball quick enough then the forwards get the ball.