Office 365

Cloud Storage & Resource for MNPS Students & Faculty


So you can have access to your Microsoft MNPS Email account, Word, Excel, & Powerpoint Online. This is a service provided by MNPS that alligns with the FERPA laws. It provides MNPS students protected email access without solicitations. It also provides students with access to 4 browser based Microsoft Products:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote

It will also act as a major cloud storage system with collaboration features to allow students to work on share documents with collegues and teachers.

Students & Teachers have different login forms


After students sign their AUP (Acceptable Use Policy), they will be given a username & password to login in to their email account. Students email configuration will be their Their password will be their student ID.

First TIme Logining in, students will need to give it time to generate all the features of Office 365 for that student.


Teachers will login using their MNPS username as part of a faux email. My username is jclaassen1 but it is not the regular part of my email address. Logging into Office 365, it would look like this ( and I would use my regular MNPS password to finish logging in.

So easy a 1st Grader can do it!