Climate Change VS Agriculture

How is climate change affecting our agriculture system?


Understanding the effect of climate change and global warming for our food supply is a very controversial subject. The increase in carbon dioxide which is leading to a higher temperature can be helpful for some people and some crops. It can also be very harmful to our food supply. With all of the raging temperature, we can have many droughts, blights, frosts and even the occasional flood. This climate change will cause a harder times for many people because of the food system starting to slow down production. Many different crops will be ready to harvest in a shorter time and will benefit from the warmer weather.

How will we as a country be affected?

On the other hand, some crops such as grains in warmer temperatures, will not have the appropriate amount of time to grow and mature. If we are left with a low supply of grain, what are we suppose to feed our animals? Most Americans end up consuming more than 37 tons of meat annually. That is a giant amount. What if that was reduced to 20 tons. It is very possible for that to happen. One problem; the increased amount of CO2 and greenhouse gases are leading to may other problems. There is one input and so many outputs. Please refer to the picture to the right.

Weeds, pests and diseases!

Its a serious problem....

Farmers in the United states are spending over 11 billion dollars to keep weeds out of their fields. Weeds love the warmer temperature. The higher amount of greenhouse gases that we have, the more weeds that will begin to grow and that results in farmers spending to try to keep them down.