Although we are a relatively new record label, Dream Chasers is an important corporation.

“At Dream Chasers, your dreams are our dreams, and we strive to make them a reality,” says Dream Chaser President Jenna Huckle.

Our mission at Dream Chasers is to bring out the best in you and show your true potential as an artist. Dream chasers will make your dreams a reality.


Have you ever been to a 10 star studio? I doubt it. Come to DreamChasers 2-story Studio and get the best beats and best sounds and best music at the price of $250.


Along with the 2-story studio package you could book live tours through us as well. We provide you with the instruments. We provide you with a live band. Are you hungry? We provide you with the best food you can and for. This is all at the price of $450


You want to ride in a ferrari? Or a Lambo? At DreamChasers you get the opportunity to ride in both at the cost of $2000. In order to drive it, you have to pay an extra $500. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Do you want the opportunity to stay the night at a mansion in Cali? The president of DreamChasers, Jenna Huckle, is giving you that opportunity for the first 100 fans that sign up in our office building in Philadelphia. It comes at the cost of $23,000. That may seem like alot of money but it comes along with a lake front property with boats.