Mrs.Jackson's 2nd Grade Class

Welcome to Our 2nd Grade Family!


Welcome to the 2nd Grade! I am thrilled to start this school year with you. This is my 1st year teaching, so we get to start this exciting journey together. My goal is for all of us to be successful, have fun and continue to grow our knowledge. Remember, you can always learn something new and I plan on learning tons of new things through the helping hands of all of you!

My Favorites:

Hometown: Staunton, Virginia

College: Wilmington University

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Book: The Wizard of Oz

Favorite Sweet Snack: Mounds Candy Bar

Family: Husband, three sons and two dogs

Sports: Football

Favorite Drink: Sweat Tea

I can not wait to learn all of your favorites!

Our Mission:

Our mission is to work TOGETHER each day to LEARN, be a good FRIEND and a positive ROLE MODEL.

Our Classroom

Our classroom will be our home for the next 180 days and I can not wait to share it with you. We are going to go on some pretty exciting journeys inside our room (yes, I said right inside our class). I do need you all to understand we can only enjoy all the fun activities in store if we agree to follow directions and have a clear understanding of respect for each other. We will spend the first week of school getting to know one another and what is expected of both you and I. Yes, I will be sharing with you what you should expect from me and I will also be interested in what YOU expect from me. During the second week of school we will learn about the secret learning corners of our classroom, our reading corner and technology corner---these areas will not be used until everyone has exhibited understanding of how our classroom works and our rules.

You can find our daily lunch menu and choice chart on the bulletin board directly beside the classroom door, along with our weekly focus areas for each subject and your homework folder. It will be YOUR responsibility to select your lunch and turn your homework in daily. No worries, I will remind you the first two weeks, to help all of us to get back on a schedule.The weekly learning units will be notated in the top right corner of the whiteboard, and all lesson topics will be available on the parents connection link on our classroom's website. Everything has been hand designed for YOUR success and if you or your parents have any questions about the topics, please feel free to reach out. Do know that these topics come directly from the DE Common Core State Standards, and have only been adapted to fit into our specific classroom.

Desk will be set in pairs, students will be partnered up with each other based on strengths and weaknesses. After the beginning of the year assessments are analyzed individualized learning plans will be put in place to ensure all students get the most out of our year together. Students technology and reading corner groups will be based on opportunity areas and will be guided to ensure all children meet and/or exceed Common Core Standards.

(In the corner you will find a clip-shot of what our classroom will look like.)

Classroom Routine

Here are the basic rules and routines of our classroom. We will go over this several times during the first week of class and they will be posted on the bulletin board by the door of our classroom.

Classroom Routines:

Entering Classroom

1.Enter the classroom with a smile.

2. Place book bag in cubby.

3.Select lunch choice and place homework in folder.

4.Quietly sit at desk and begin bell ringer.


  • If you have any questions or notes from home please sit quietly at your desk with your pencil box on top. The pencil box will be used as our independent learner teacher signal as we do not want to disrupt everyone's learning.
  • If you would like to enter into the discussion pleases raise up your right arm and quietly wait to be called on by teacher/ or group leader.

Passing Papers:

We will pass papers from the left side of the room to the right. Each row will place one paper on top of the next until they reach the far right. Then the student in the very first seat in the row closest to the teacher's desk will then collect each stack and place it in the yellow bin on the teacher's desk.

Group/Partner Work:

When working in groups:

  • we will quietly move into our assigned area
  • great each other
  • all do our part
  • be open to each others opinions


We will quietly put away supplies in our desk. Then each row will take turns going to the cubby and retrieving their book bags and jackets. In order to exit quickly you will have a chance to share one key take away for the day, you order in the dismissal line will be determined by that.


1. Respect for one another and our classroom.

2. Use our manners.

3. Help each other.

4. Have an open mind.

PERFECT EFFORT! You do not have to do everything right, you just have to put forth your best effort ALWAYS!

Contact Me!

Feel free to reach out to me at anytime with questions or concerns. I am excited to get to know all of my students and my one promise is that no matter we will all grow together this year!


Phone: (302)249-9999