Brian and Kali's Dream Vacation!

The most amazing vacation ever, Cancun, Mexico

The Mesmerizing Blue Waters of Cancun.

There are many ways you can go snorkeling in Cancun, such as 40-100 dollars per two people. There are many other recreations that are priced at extremely cheap prices.

Brian and Kali's Travel.

There is an outstanding flight that we found for Kali and Brian. The flight leaves at 10:00am May 28, 2013. The flight going to the amazing resort, stops for one hour and 58 minutes, which gives Brian and Kali time to eat for lunch.

Guaranteed Relaxing and Fun

Hang loose

While on yall's Honeymoon, there is only one rule and that is.... HAVING FUN!

Vacation Time!

Have an amazing time on yall's honeymoon. If you need anything feel free to ask. :)