Bangladesh War : 1971

By: David Parlante

Why The Bangladesh War For Independence Even Started

The Bangladesh, at the time the war was starting, was not an independent country. The Bangladesh was apart of the country Pakistan. The Bangladesh did not like the way Pakistan did things and wanted to be their own independent country. The Pakistanians didn't agree but the Bangladesh were not going to take no for an answer and declared a fight for independence against Pakistan.
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The Bangladesh and Indian armies are preparing for war

How The War Affected People

The war made people go crazy or at least almost crazy. The bystanders of the the war had to wake up almost every morning, grab their stuff and leave within a 10 minute time factor just to do the same thing the next morning, because the Pakistanians forced them to. They used the peoples homes for shelter and forts. Woman had no rights and were treated like slaves. They were captured, taken to camps and raped day after day after day. The women who made it through the war were never the same after the constant rape they endured. How ever the bystanders were not the only people affected, the soldiers were probably hit the worst. Imagine seeing all of your friends die right before your eyes, think about how you would react, being in the army for 2 years seeing people die, killing enemies over and over. It makes you go insane, whatever solider made it through that war, did not come back the same way they entered.
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PAK troops carrying dead indian officer

How The War Ended

The India has also declared war against west Pakistani as well, because of that India and the Bangladesh teamed up with each other to fight against Pakistan. The battles the Indians fought were planned strategically to benefit them and ensure their victory. Later in 1971 the Pakistanian army had surrendered and the Indians and Bangladesh won. The two people signed a treaty that declared the Bangladesh to be recognized separate country thus the country Bengal.
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The Bangladesh celebrating independence day.