4th grade Newsletter

November Edition

What are we learing about?

Math: Students are working with division, comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions. Multiplication is used within all of these concepts, so continue to work on facts at home. Students will also begin geometry and learning about different types of angles.

Reading/Social studies: We will begin a unit on European Explorers coming to Texas and learn about Cabeza de Vaca. Students will analyze documents as part of a DBQ (Document Based Questioning) unit on how de Vaca was able to survive being shipwrecked on the coast of Texas. The unit will conclude with students writing a five paragraph expository essay explaining their research and using the documents to prove their opinions. (This will all be completed in class.)

Writing: Students will continue to learn the features of expository writing. They are working on a composition that focuses on a special person and explains what makes them special.

Science: Students will be completing a PBL (Problem Based Learning) focused on a Solar House.

Upcoming dates:

11/19 College Day; Report cards will be emailed home; Marco's Pizza Fundraiser

11/20 Turkey Trot 11:15, Lunch 12:30,

Wrangler Round-Up 1:30 (Wear black GRIT shirts)

11/23 - 11/27 No School - Thanksgiving Holiday

12/2 Classroom Spelling Bees

12/17 Class Parties

12/18 Battle of the Books; Cocoa Express