The heart of Brookville, Indiana

Springville, Indiana

Springville will include lots of Greco-Roman features which includes: schools, banks, and the town square. We have a clean and wonderful lake located right next to us. Brookville lake is a place you can swim, and house boats for water activities.
Lake sounds

this is some relaxing lake sounds

The heart of Brookville, Indiana

In Brookville Indiana along it’s wonderful lake, we hope to construct the lovely town called Springville. This town will be constucted on a bare part of land that needs to be inhabited, and we hope to do so. Our town will house the middle and slightly upper class citizens to build up a quaint population of at least 3,000. We have a wide variety of homes around, so that anyone who wishes to live here, can. Using all of these concepts and many others, we hope to construct a new innovative community that will bring jubilance to those who reside there.

Greek influences

Greeks will have many influences on our town in a variety of ways. We use porches inspired by the Greek's for our houses, apartments and condominiums. On the government facilities we will use Greek column designs. We also will use Greek in music and literature in our performing arts and school classes.

Roman Influences

The Romans have designed and manipulated many wonderful designs, many of these will be present in Springville. As of now we have planned for the main source of influence to come from architecture. We will use arches domes, and, stadiums. However we will also use these concepts in math, science, literature, and arts to be taught and displayed in our community. With all of these influences our town will definitely feel Roman.

If you want a fun, safe, walkable community then come to Springville, Indiana!

Our Town Square

Our town square will include a fountain with gardens surrounding it. You can come to our square to shop, relax, or take a stroll around. On Friday nights we will have music in the square, where you can come and listen to our concert.

Jazz music

This is an example of what the music is like during our concerts in the square.

Springville, Indiana

Our community will be a place to house people in the upper and middle classes. Springville is going to be a good place to live because there will be good schools, wonderful entertainment, and will have good resources. Springville will have lots of greco-roman features that include columns, arches, and domes. Springville wide variety of homes that can fit your family just right. You can move into a condo, an apartment, or a single family home and they will be newly built so you won’t have any problems with your home. Last we have a wonderful lake to enjoy and entertain with your family and friends.