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Qtech benefits of a sophisticated system to manage the system. System management system Qtech, the latest version has the following advantages Is used management software system for sending the latest Microsoft technology. The end result is that the structure of the system is easy to queue management display use, stable and strong and the latest operating system (OS) compatible.

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Improve the system queue management for professional users, such as another feature?, ' The average time of the deal ', ' average waiting time "and" the number of customers waiting for experiences and useful information from the screen to the default keyboard ?. Queue management system with queue management display SMS feature the latest professional customers advanced mobile number he / she should be included in the computer serial number attached to the ticket.

The program automatically monitors the status arranged, respectively, in the 10 and the 5 place in order for customers to send SMS messages. Serial number, meter number, video, TV programs and view PowerPoint on / Plasma LCD to be displayed at the same time. The latest hot ticket dispenser is a compact and portable. Easily and safely thermal paper roll replacement facility, which has a lock -up feature. Newer home screen, LED Display LEDs ( light-emitting diode ) bright and queue management display clear from the previous method.

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LED feature D, which enhances the contrast between the background completely in the dark when it is loaded. Power outages, lack of order, or accidental changes to the computer, and once again the power of the professional line of our management system without the need to restart the computer is able queue management display to provide the serial number of the ticket. Providing solutions for the professional management of respect for corporate clients worldwide Qtech Queueing System Pte Ltd is a reliable reputation and track record is certified management system system Qtech.

Queue length, and the density of traffic on the other hand, relationship between Traffic density of up to 1.0, and the queue management display rapid increase in most of the congestion is, on the other hand ( the expected number of customers in the queue ) and WQ ( expected time of customers in the system) gets closer to 1.0 Is the distribution of arrival times and customer service exponentially between the time Simulation is an integral part of, is not a simple analytical models that can provide prototype is symbolic. After analyzing the model can be used to give a more complex behavior of the system analyst insights and ratings queue management display.

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