The Ghost of Crutchfield hall

Mary Downing Hahn

The ghost of Crutchfield hall

Florence is the main character she is 12-years-old and she lives in an orphanage. Florence's great uncle came and picked her up from the orphanage because her parents found her again. Florence was able to leave the orphanage because her great uncle came to pick her up they went to London because that's were her parents live.

The Ghost of Crutchfield hall

The lexile level is 680. This book The Ghost of Crutchfield hall is fiction.

Why I recommend this book.

I recommend you to read this book because it should hit your interest if you like ghost stories. This book sounds non-fiction but it is not non-fiction it is fiction. This is a very interesting book you should really recommend this genre.

The Ghost of Crutchfield hall

My favorite scene was when Florence found out she was moving in with her parents and great uncle and great aunt. When Florence got dropped off at the house she was confused and scared. She was scared because the mansion looked haunted she was right the mansion was really haunted. That's my favorite scene in this fiction story the Ghost of Crutchfield hall.