My life

Forest gump project


Something that highly influenced my life was the band nirvana. Even though they weren't together in my 17 years of living, they still impacted greatly. They are one of my dad's favorite band, so obviously he would rock out to them. I was a daddy's girl growing up so I got into nirvana too. The first song I ever memorized was their song come as you are. Whenever I'm upset even back then the first thing I do to calm down is listen to nirvana. Their lyrics also really speak to me. In2014 they got inducted Into the rock and roll hall of fame. That's a really big deal In the music industry. They honored Kurt Cobain since he wasn't able to live to see their biggest accomplishment as a band become a reality. I remember watching it and being proud that my favorite band got the recognition they deserved after almost 30 years since they started the band. This band is a really big part of me. Fun fact I've been listening to them the whole time doing this project.

My father.

One person who really influenced my life and defined me was my dad. him and I have many ups and downs and maybe that'll changed in the future but who knows. Growing up I looked up to him and I thought he was the strongest most amazing person. Needless to say I was daddy's little girl. His taste in music even to this day is my taste in music, smashing pumpkins, nirvana, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, those are all my favorite bands that he used to listen to when I was little, so growing up that's what I loved. He's been through a lot to be where he is today and he's worked hard to keep my family sustained and that's someone I wish I could do one day. He's set up a lot of standards for me that I want to not only meet but exceed in my adult life.

In these pictures you can really tell just how unseperatable we were.

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One thing I grew up on watching was beavis and butthead reruns. Growing up they started to make and air new episodes and that was what I would look forward to watching when I would come home from school. I remember I used to watch it every single day with my dad while I did my homework. Now beavis and butthead are iconic and they kinda built my sense of humor in a way.

Mean girls/Clueless

These two movies are literally my favorite movies growing up and still to this day. Whenever I'd be sick id watch these movies on repeat. I always wanted to grow up and be like a mixture of Cher and Regina George. Mean girls was really really popular during my childhood and it blew up to be this cult classic.


Later I came to learn that or was one of the biggest events in us history.
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Middle East

The war going on in the middle east affected me because my uncle and older cousin both got deployed to Iraq bad I remember thinking it was the scariest thing because i didn't know I'd I would've ever seen them again. Thankfully i did and I couldn't be prouder of both of them for putting their lives at risk for the country we live in.
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Something important I think is same sex marrage laws bc we're moving forward past prejudice
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Something I clearly remember is being in 5th grade and taking a day to watch the inauguration. That's significant bc it shows changing within our country. We were sitting in class during snack time watching the first African American president get sworn unto office
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