How To Fill Out A 1040EZ

What You Need

The forms you need to fill out a 1040EZ form is



-Tax return


Who Sends You These Forms?

-You can get the 1040EZ from your bank

-Your employer will give you the W2 form

-You get the e-file from

Steps to filling out the 1040EZ

1. For line one you will look in box one on the efile where it says Wages, tips, other compensation and write that number down.

2. Line 2 you look at the W2 form, box one where it says interest income and write that number down.

3. You would write a 0 here because Arnold Johnson is unemployed

4.Then you would add lines 1, 2 and 3 together to get your adjusted gross income on line 4

5. For line 5 you would look on the back of the 1040EZ form and write down 6,300 because he is single and fill out the back part of this form

6.Then you subtract line 5 from 4 and you would get 24,950

7. Line 7 you look on the efile and check for box number 2 and write down 2,345.22

8. For line 8 we wrote 0 because it does not apply for him

9. Then you would add line 7 and 8a together to get 2,345.22 for line 9

10.For line 10 you would look at the tax table to find your number there and then write that number in which for him would be 3,285

11. Line 11 doesn't apply for Arnold Johnson so he would write a 0 there

12. You add lines 10 and 11 to get your total tax which would be 3,285

13. For line 13a there would be no refund so the total is 0

14. Then for line 14 you would subtract lines 9 and 12 and you would get 939.78

When Are Taxes due?

Taxes are due April 17th