The Crucible vs McCarthyism

By: Breanna Moses

The Crucible

  • ''The crucible'' by Arthur Miller is based on the event of the Salem witch trial in 1692- 1693
  • The Salem witch trials was started by young delusional girls claiming to have proof of some of people in the community being witches
  • The towns people were quick to believe that a such thing as witch craft did exist because it would seem to be an easy explanation for the strange activity that has been going on.
  • Abigail the niece of parris was trying to protect her self by threatening betty who was the child of parris to tell lies of what was happening in the woods
  • Tituba the servent was accused of consorting with the devil and to save her self she made the first accusation
  • The girls then continued to name the names of people
  • All those who were accused were put on trial and majority were assumed guilty and hanged
  • people would not stand up in fear of being called a witch


  • Took place in the 1950's
  • people were accused of being communist and put on trial
  • the accuser was Joseph McCarthy
  • as punishment they received a bad reputation in society
  • people were not killed directly if found guilty
  • people had fear of being named communist if they retaliated
  • Joseph McCarthy was a senator
  • He used the false accusations of communism for personal and political gain
  • He took advantage of the nations fear of communism

Relation between the crucible and McCarthyism

  • "Both of these events symbolize intolerance, extremism, and hatred"
  • Abigail from the crucible and senator Joseph McCarthy were both accusers
  • The people involved in these events were fueled by fear and anger
  • All accused were sent to trial
  • Abigail and senator Joseph McCarthy used their accusation for personal gain
  • McCarthyism was called the modern day witch hunt due to similarity to Salem witch trials
  • In both events you were always assumed guilty