Week 6 Monday 9th - Friday 13th May


20 May - Cinema Under the Stars

26 May - Chinese Cultural Expedition Information Evening

01 June - EPSG Meeting

08 June - Grade 3 COL and Fashion show (6pm)

17 June - Summer Term Concludes

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What's Been Happening in Grade Three?


Our focus on jewellery continued this week with the children experimenting with their own original designs and putting the finishing touches to their finished creations. Some of the jewellery designs that have been created are worthy of display in the famous Cartier or Tiffany stores but alas the materials the children had to work with were a bit less in value than those used in such establishments. The children's jewellery will be on display at our end of unit Exit Point at the end of the term. More information about this event will be coming home soon.

As well as the making of jewellery, the children have also completed their own research on the history of jewellery and fashions from different cultures. Some of the facts discovered by the children include:

Diamonds were first discovered in India, over 2400 years ago.

Egypt and Mesopotamia were the first two ancient civilizations that started organized production of jewelry.

Throughout the history, jewelry went through many changes brought by rise and fall of many civilizations and fashion changes.

Tiffany and Co. engagement rings had a price tag of $40 in 1896.

The ancient Chinese loved silver much more than gold, using the metal to craft beautiful pieces studded with blue kingfisher feathers and various blue gemstones. But their main obsession was with jade, which they loved for its alleged human qualities: hardness, durability and beauty.

Special IPC Request

Dear Grade 3 Parents,

In Week Eight, the children will be redesigning an outfit as part of our IPC unit on Fashion. Children will be creating their own original fashion outfits using unwanted clothing from home. Therefore, we are asking if your child could please bring into school any old clothing (trousers, shorts, t shirts, blouses, jackets) that you will not mind having cut up and used to combine with other clothing. Clothing can be child or adult sized.

We would also appreciate it if we could borrow any fabric scissors and pinking shears (for zigzag edges). If you have these tools that we can borrow, please send to school clearly named.

Any sequins, materials or zips available that your child could bring for us to use at school would also be appreciated.

Clothing items can start being brought into school from next week.

Best regards,

Grade Three Teachers


We have come to the end of our poetry unit and would like to share just a few of the many wonderful poems the children have written over the last few weeks. Next week, we begin our unit on persuasion.

Singing is in You

Singing is hundreds of bubbles flying out of your mouth,

Singing is different colors flowing in the air,

Singing is a bunch of words close to your heart

Singing is just singing right from the start

Singing is like a million music notes stuck inside your mind

Singing is like heaps of books looking for a story

Singing is like shattering glass broken by your heart warming sound

Singing is magical!

By: Sophie Milne

I'd Like to be a Bird

I wish I was a bird

And not have to say a word

I wish I could fly away

Save the bad times for another day

I would hope to fly over trees

My wings brushing the leaves

I would like to be the farthest up

I would look just like a little cup

Up in the sky

It would be nice to just try

To be so high up in the sky

I would really like to fly.

By: Natalie Thomas

Stand on the hill of unity and stare at 100 shining stars.

Look up into the sky of life as it smiles like an old man.

Watch as a cloud of gentleness floats like a dream.

Look below as the city of joyfulness glows in the twilight.

Observe the mountain of peacefulness. It was as silent as a drop of water.

Notice the tower of purposefulness as it stood as quiet as deep space.

See the tree of compassion as it sways calmly in the wind

Listen to the beach of love as the waves swish in the sea.

Enter the valley of magic and see a bundle of surprises.

Be careful as the forest of fear makes even the grass shiver.

Go into the classroom of friendship. It feels like a batch of fresh cookies.

Turn the page from the book of life, just like a newborn baby.

Enter the room of silence. It is like an empty box, left behind, forgotten.

Now hear how the heart of compassion beats loudly with the love of my mother.

Class poem by 3KHa

The Door

Go and Open the Door,

Maybe you will see a floor

or maybe a wonderful wizard.

Maybe there is a magic city,

maybe dogs are playing.

Maybe you will see a person,

or a face,

or a magical picture.

Go and open the Door,

If there is a haze,

It won't go.

Go and open the door,

Even if there is only darkness,

Even if there is only

the wind.

Even if,


Is there.

By: James Smith


Time has continued as our main focus during Mathematics lessons with the children working specifically on finding the amount of elapsed time between two events (duration). Using everyday events like coming to school from home, moving from one classroom to another, and completing some form of exercise, the children have been calculating the amount of time that has passed. Using clocks, the children have been showing where the hour and minute hands are positioned after the duration of a specific time period has ended.

The children have also enjoyed playing online games like the ones below.

Bang on Time

Stop the Clock

Difference Between Two Times

On the VLE

Remember to regularly check out your child's VLE page.

Newly added to the Projects tab they will find:

Creative Writing Ideas and Recommended Reading Books.

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Important Notice - PE Kit and School Uniform

On days that Grade Three students have their PE lessons, they come to school wearing their PE kit and can remain in their kit all day.

If your child is in a sports team, or in an ECA that requires them to wear their PE kit, on a non-PE lesson day, they wear their normal school uniform for the day and change into their PE kit at 3.00p.m.