Magical Trip

An Unforgetable Trip!

The experience has been amazing! Himani, Cole, Armaan and I are wrapped up in sweet memories that we will always remember! We got a chance to visit all four theme parks-Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Animal Kingdom Park and Disney Hollywood Studio- in Disney World! The trip brought all stories from childhood to reality!

Disney's Hollywood Studios

This place is full of excitement in every turn! One claims themselves of being a movie star as they are walking down the street! Even me! The appearance of the majestic park is so appealing as the buildings hold a neon, chrome, art deco and modern architecture. the streets and intersections in the park make you believe that you are in a humongous movie set! One meets all their favourite Disney stars and see behind-the-scenes and amazing live performances!

Attractions in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park [Official Overview]


This place is "out of the world"! Travel the world in one day- Epcot introduces you to another country at the next block! It is great place to enjoy rides and meet numerous Disney characters! Moreover, there is a lot to learn about the world in this park! At the end of the day, one goes home with a ton of knowledge and a million, candy coated memories!

Attractions in Epcot!

Epcot Theme Park [Official Overview]

Magic Kingdom Park!

Captures the beauty of fairy tales with exciting entertainment, classic attractions, beloved Disney Characters and so much more! One will get a chance to meet all of the Disney characters-whether it be in a parade, restaurant, or just walking in the crowd! Don't miss the gorgeous fireworks at night!

Attractions in Magic Kingdom Park!

Magic Kingdom Theme Park [Official Overview]

Animal Kingdom Park!

This park reflects Walt Disney's attraction towards nature. Visit all sorts of animals and observe nature's creativity! This park is home to more than 1200 animals and is known as biggest animal-themed park in the world!
Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park [Official Overview]

So don't wait!!! Visit the four theme parks right now!