Week 9

The Thin Blue Line

This week we will begin studying Errol Morris' film, The Thin Blue Line

In 1976, Randall Adams was convicted of killing police officer, Robert W. Wood. From the moment he was arrested, he insisted he was innocent. Even after being sentenced to death for the murder of the officer, Adams still said he was innocent and wrongly convicted.

In the 1980's while interviewing inmates in Dallas for another documentary, director Errol Morris met Adams. After learning about Adams' case, Morris felt there was a bigger story. The result is the film, The Thin Blue Line. What makes this story so interesting is that it continued after Morris packed up the cameras.

For this Week

  • Please review the material in the order presented on BB
  • Watch the film, The Thin Blue Line (1988)
  • Review the "Making of " short films
  • Read the article
  • Participate in the discussion board, and remember to respond to your classmates